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1, when the material temperature is below 100 degrees, please choose the normal temperature lifting electromagnet; if the temperature is more than 100 degrees, please choose the high temperature lifting electromagnet. If the temperature is more than 600 degrees, please use ultra high temperature lifting electromagnet.
2, the power over 60%, please choose high-frequency lifting electromagnet.
3, in the water when lifting materials, please choose diving type (diving depth is not greater than 100m). Submersible lifting electromagnet, its parameters are the same as the normal temperature type. If the user needs diving, please explain when ordering.
4, ambient temperature: room temperature -5, ~40 degrees, high temperature -5, ~50 degrees. The altitude is not more than 2000m.
5, equipment: single use, according to the power consumption (current) selection of rectifier control equipment and auxiliary equipment; joint use, combined with power consumption according to the number of (current) and selection.
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